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Fair News says not a member of any Twit Army, Judge signs protective order in Cobain trust case

I’m not a member of Courtney Love’s Twit Army. NBC News came up with the idea of a Twit Army in June after seeing a flurry of activity between Fair News Spears (that’s me), Love and various Love fans on Twitter. Because of recent court filings in the ongoing litigation involving Love, her daughter Frances Bean Cobain, and a trustee

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Cobain trust fund loses $8 million, trustees battle, conceal evidence

Due to rising site traffic courtesy of Courtney Love’s Twitter posts over the weekend I am posting this article anew.  It won’t answer all of your questions but you will be informed as to the upcoming trial and know that a trustee involved in France Bean Cobain’s trust fund has been withholding information from Courtney since early 2009: this activity

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