Superior Court expects Britney Spears next Friday

Was media the real reason Spears' appearance was canceled today? Courtesy, Kill the Lights.

Britney Spears is ordered to appear in court this coming Friday, Jan. 22, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. says Liz Martinez, a representative from the public affairs office at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Spears was expected in court today but her appearance was unexpectedly canceled.

Tabloid site TMZ, the first to report the cancellation, says the commissioner and others were concerned about the media.

Spears faces the beginning of her third year under the conservatorship of her person solely by her father effective Monday, Feb. 1. Her estate has been under a co-conservatorship of her father and privately retained attorney Andrew Wallet.

Many across the blogosphere had thought she would freed once her Circus tour concluded as certain tabloids had promoted the idea that the continued arrangement was necessary due to insurance.

Spears has gained visitation-only privileges with her children since the conservatorship began. Kevin Federline, ex-husband, retains sole custody.

Next Friday will mark Spears’ second court appearance since the conservatorship began.

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Media omits lawyer and judge relationships between Britney and Jamie Spears, and Courtney Love Cobain

Hi, this is still a blog right?  Happy holidays then.

I wrote the following comment on Courtney Love Cobain’s Facebook wall.  There had been some confusion there between her fans and those who follow Britney Spears.  I thought about it later and realized that not all readers may know about the twist in the case of Courtney losing legal control over her daughter and later also receiving a temporary restraining order.

Suffice. The lawyers involved in Courtney’s case are the same lawyers who work for Jamie Spears and the conservatorship. The judge is also the same as documents from TMZ reveal.

On to the post:

I have a few more minutes here and then I am going outside, but I thought to explain to those unfamiliar with Britney Spears’ conservatorship case who some of the players are. If you open the documents through the TMZ link posted two hours ago, you will see attorneys Geraldine Wyle, Jeryll S. Cohen, and the Hon. Reva Goetz.

Google any of those names plus Spears and conservatorship and you are sure to find them in connection. Wyle and Cohen both work for Jamie Spears and I believe they were involved from the beginning of the conservatorship in Feb. 2008.

TMZ knows that as does the AP and any other news organization that covers courtroom news or celebrity gossip but none of them are saying it. TMZ only shows the document that is six pages but they do not help readers make the connection back to Jamie Spears and the conservatorship. One clearly also sees the Hon. Reva Goetz. She’s the one who ruled on Feb. 4, 2008 that based on the court appointed attorney’s meeting with Britney at UCLA that she did not understand legal proceedings and lacked capacity to hire her own lawyer. A simple search of journalist Linda Deutsch and capacity should bring up all that drama that also involved Adam Streisand who is now working with the Jackson family. … See More

I do believe that the connection between Courtney Love Cobain and Jamie Spears is fascinating and that it was irresponsible for the media to omit it (hide? conceal?) and distract us instead with tales of clothing designers and lawsuits based on Twitter. And. That they continue to. I don’t know if Courtney will keep any of this info up but hopefully at least some of you will see what is happening and be less confused. Happy holidays.
23 minutes ago

Author’s note: I posted this and other information more specific to Courtney’s case and media treatment on her Facebook account, if interested. She is listed under Courtney Love Cobain and if you follow her as a fan you may learn more of her story and how strangely it is connected back to Britney Spears. For those who don’t know, Courtney claimed over the Thanksgiving holiday that Jamie molested his daughter.

Lou Taylor, a Spears’ family spokesperson has not directly refuted the claim. Instead she was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying, “”We’re not commenting on Courtney Love, or any aliens who might come to Earth to impregnate people.”

Courtney responded, after seeing the story on her Facebook account, “I went to Sting and Trudys “Twin Spirits” wonderful Schullman letters event and sat with my dearest friend Stipe (Michael) tonight, not that the names matter, but I didn’t see ONE alien impregnating ANYONE!” (some punctuation added by Fair News Spears.)

Update: More of Love Cobain’s side of the story.  Like Britney and the imposed conservatorship no prior notice was given to Courtney Love as Wyle took action to remove her daughter from her life.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin twists celebrity machine again Says Britney Spears’ conservatorship to end soon

Courtesy of Kill the Lights

TMZ delivered a message to the public over the weekend that isn’t rooted in anything happening at the courthouse in Los Angeles and it’s not the first time.

The celebrity news site has made it seem that attorneys are meeting so that Spears could be released from the conservatorhip she is under but none of TMZ’s stories have been based on courtroom fact. Last week TMZ said that attorneys in the case were in the courtroom “right now” talking about ending the conservatorship but that wasn’t quite true. According to the court’s online records last week’s hearing was related to scheduled accounting matters.

No motions have been made and no documents have been filed to indicate that the conservatorship is coming to an end soon.

“If there is a motion to terminate there would a document on file. There isn’t any,” says Vania Stuelp today.

Stuelp also says that if there were proceedings going on to terminate the conservatorship that she would expect to be notified.

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Adnan Ghalib faces more than one man in alleyway

Courtesy of Oct. 2009

Update, Jan. 28: I will complete this story soon but there is a key source I would still like to talk to that would tell more of the process servers’ side of the story.

Evidence has surfaced that may explain why prosecutors allowed Adnan Ghalib to avoid a potential seven year jail sentence and to serve 45 days instead on felony charges lodged in Feb. 2009 for allegedly striking a process server with his car.

The underreported facts suggest a scene in which Ghalib may have felt threatened.

Ram Moskowitz, the alleged victim and process server in the incident, filed a declaration with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Feb. 23, 2009, the same day that the public and the judge heard testimony from Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, in support of the restraining order he sought against Ghalib that led to the events of Feb. 11.

Moskowitz testifies that he was not alone in the alleyway that day outside of Ghalib’s ex-wife’s apartment and that he was with another agent, Jesse Martell who remained in a vehicle. Moskowitz also says that Ghalib had already been served with the same temporary restraining order that he was allegedly trying to give him.

Moskowitz says that he previously filed proof of service on Ghalib, prior to filing the declaration on Feb. 23 and that his co-worker, Jason Alexander, served Ghalib on Feb. 2.

The declaration first surfaced on Feb. 27, 2009 on celebrity news site TMZ, however TMZ omitted information that may have made the public more sympathetic to Ghalib’s situation on the charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury, and hit and run causing death or injury as alleged by the prosecution. TMZ instead created an obvious negative character from the declaration.

“The process server who was allegedly hit by a Mercedes driven by Adnan Ghalib made it clear in a court declaration — Adnan could have killed him.

“Ram Moskowitz (first name, first clue) claims when he tried serving Adnan with Britney Spears’ TRO, Adnan gunned his car and hit him. The force propelled Ram onto the hood. He claims “I stayed on the hood … for about 30 to 40 yards, at which point I was thrown off…””

If the case gone to trial before a jury (Ghalib pled no contest in October to leaving the scene of an accident) the jurors might also have learned that Moskowitz and Martell both had permits to carry firearms and could legally expose those firearms while on duty. Moskowitz applied for a firearm permit on Jan. 23, 2009. He was granted the permit on Jan. 26, 2009, just days before Ghalib was served on Feb. 2, according to online records available through the Department of Consumer Affair’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Martell has had a permit since 1995 and a private investigator’s license that was issued in 1992. He also has his own private company called Martell Investigations.

When asked about the permits and if he and Moskowitz were carrying their firearms on Feb. 11 Martell says, “How do you know that information? If you already know that why are you asking?”

But later he says in response to the same question, “We weren’t carrying firearms. You don’t need a firearm to serve a subpoena.”

More coming soon…after finals week?

Author Steve Dennis speaks without interruption ‘Britney: Inside the Dream’

Britney from Amazon

Credit: Courtesy of author.

Steve Dennis speaks via an email interview about his book, “Britney: Inside the Dream.” Dennis takes both Fair News Spears questions and to those of a bona fide Britney Spears fan who wishes anonymity.

Dennis is the recognized ghostwriter for Paul Burrell who published two books from his life of service to the Queen of England and to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

You have a number of unnamed sources in your book. What was the most common reason people didn’t want to use their name?

Some sources are named, some not. Some people cannot be seen to be co-operating but they wanted to assist a compassionate and true portrait of Britney. I think there is a perception that if one co-operates with a biographer, it amounts to betrayal. Within that perception, people seek anonymity. Besides, it’s the information that counts, not the names. The phrase “a source said” has been devalued, I think, in journalism over the years but the authenticity of a source’s contribution can be found within the detail and insight.

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Two felony charges dismissed against Adnan Ghalib

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib accepted a plea bargain on felony charges which had loomed against him since last spring, according to celebrity news site JFXonline.

Ghalib plead no contest in a Van Nuys, Calif. courthouse today. The judge ordered him to serve 45 days in jail, do 45 days of community service and be on probation for three years says JFXonline. He has until Nov. 26 to begin serving his sentence.

The felony charges stem from an altercation with a process server who claims Ghalib tried to run him over with his car last February. Ghalib had consistently plead not guilty. Ghalib had been charged with three counts per a court order: Assault with a deadly weapon (his Mercedes), battery with serious bodily injury and hit and run causing death or injury.

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Kevin Federline has sole custody of Spears’ children

Courtesy of Kill the Sep 2009

Courtesy of Kill the Sep 2009

Some celebrity news outlets have been fooling fans for nearly two years now into believing that Britney Spears has gained increased custody since the conservatorship began in Feb. 2008.

“Kevin has sole custody over his children,” says Mark Vincent Kaplan who is Federline’s attorney.

Spears has visitation which is the “equivalent” says Kaplan to Fair News Spears.

She does not have an iota of custody. While Kaplan has detailed this in the past in at least one video interview with E! Entertainment, some Spears’ fans continue in false belief and argue at sites such that she has 50/50 custody for which the conservatorship is responsible.

Meanwhile, celebrity news outlets such as TMZ continue to perpetuate the false story on custody. Why?

On the side, negative reports surfaced today at TMZ on Federline’s housekeeping and the suitability of his home for children. Kaplan refused comment.

It is yet unknown whether Spears’ children will be allowed to accompany her on the final leg of the tour beginning in a month in Australia.

Ex TMZ paparazzo wants more than medical expenses

Britney in a scrum of paparazzi Oct 2009.

Britney in a scrum of paparazzi Oct 2009.

While TMZ broke the story on medical expenses and general damages claimed against Britney Spears by ex-TMZ employee Ricardo Mendoza, they left out what Mendoza is really after: punitive damages.

As reported earlier Spears’ attorney, Benjamin C. Alvarez, made a motion to strike Mendoza’s claim to punitive damages last August. Alavez says that Mendoza hasn’t made a case based on fact and uses conclusionary unsupported allegations.

Mendoza, who worked for TMZ at the time of the accident, claims Spears ran over his foot and, “…operated a motor vehicle recklessly, wantonly, unlawfully, maliciously and with conscious disregard for the rights, health and safety of others.”

Spears’ attorney fired back in his attempt to dismiss the claim that Mendoza “…is a self-serving profit hungry paparazzo, who was swarming and lunging at defendant’s vehicle along with other paparazzo.”

Alvarez says that Mendoza’s complaint for punitive damages lacks fact and that subjecting Spears’ companies, such as Britney Touring, Inc. and Britney Brand, Inc., to his claims is an attempt to “up the ante.”
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Britney biographer surprises fans in blogosphere

Author Steve Dennis, who has a book coming out on Britney Spears this Thursday, surprised a few Spears’ fans at Britney Addiction on Saturday night.

Author's courtesy. Photo by Sheryl Nields.

Author's courtesy. Photo by Sheryl Nields.

Steve, who I hope to interview the first week of October when “Britney: Inside the Dream” debuts on U.S. bookshelves, arrived at the online fan site Britney Addiction for a brief chat. He said he had 15 minutes before he had to be at another event.

I had given it a college try minutes earlier in inviting him via our Twitter accounts. I thought he might enjoy himself as one of the site hosts grew up in England as Steve did. Also, Britney Addiction promotes his book and I wouldn’t have bought it without their persistent endorsement to me. Steve also lives in Los Angeles now so what harm in a quick word from home or to be with fans?
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Is TMZ a safety issue for Britney’s ex-boyfriend?

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

According to an attorney for Adnan Ghalib, ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears and now an ex-paparazzo, there is a safety issue when it comes to TMZ being in the courtroom.

Peter Korn, Ghalib’s defense attorney did not wish to discuss the matter in a public courtroom in May saying that the media would exaggerate the issues. Korn also objected to an unnamed male attorney being present but it was unclear from the court transcript whether he meant present in chambers with the judge to rule on media presence or the hearing itself.

Korn’s objections were recorded by a court reporter during pretrial proceedings to see if there was enough evidence to proceed to a trial on felony assault charges stemming from an altercation between Ghalib and a process server, Ram Moskowitz. While seeming to merit enough attention to warrant celebrity news cameramen onsite, The Associated Press ignored the event and subsequent hearings to date if a search of LexisNexis and Proquest news databases is to be believed.

Lou Ferrara, who manages sports, entertainment and multimedia for the AP, offered no explanation in recent email communication that addressed amongst other issues, the lack of coverage on this case and on an ongoing civil suit between Sam Lutfi, Spears’ ex-manager and companion, against Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears.

Meanwhile, both Radaronline and TMZ had live feed of the May hearing but all footage of the hearing vanished without explanation from Radaronline the same day that it appeared. Senior editor Mary Margaret who has sometimes appeared as a guest on CNN, said she didn’t know anything about it and was under deadline; then she did not return follow-up phone calls.

TMZ has declined to make comment about Korn’s claim as to Ghalib’s safety and also videotapes that appeared on TMZ’s website showing their cameraman harassing Ghalib as he walked with his attorney outside the courthouse. The taunts were in somewhat mild form such as, “Adnan, you look good in that suit, did Britney buy it for you?” to more tawdry comments about Lindsay Lohan, her mental state and whether Ghalib has any tips for bedding her.

Since May there has been no live stream or recorded videotape of Ghalib in the courtroom offered anywhere in public view.

Ghalib has plead not guilty and is due back in court on Sep. 29 confirms a media relations spokesperson of the Los Angeles Superior Court system.

Today begins a series on what led up to Ghalib being in court in the first place: that is to say, the things celebrity media or otherwise have declined to reveal.


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