Courtney Love’s lawyers dump her as client

Courtney Love arrives at Heathrow airport, London, Feb. 4, 2003 to perform a charity concert. (AP Photo/Max Nash)
Courtney Love arrives at Heathrow airport, London, Feb. 4, 2003 to perform a charity concert. (AP Photo/Max Nash)

Courtney Love arrives at Heathrow airport, London, Feb. 4, 2003 to perform a charity concert. (AP Photo/Max Nash)

Singer Courtney Love doesn’t pay her legal fees and is impossible to work with. “Ms. Love has rendered it impossible for Pryor Cashman to carry out its employment effectively,” says lead counsel Jim Janowitz of New York.

“She is completely unresponsive to Pryor Cashman’s attempts to contact her. She has cancelled meetings with me with barely any notice on several occasions and has refused the calls of other attorneys on her legal team at the firm. She has also refused to respond to our letters.”

Calling it a complete breakdown in communication, Janowitz further states to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that Courtney hasn’t paid Pryor Cashman in more than a year. The firm had represented Courtney in many high profile cases since 2009 including custody loss of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, a later battle for control of Frances’ trust fund and numerous other cases involving money, libel, or slander.

“Sorry to hear about the loss of Pryor Cashman,” says attorney Robert G. Wilson, Gordon and Kemper LLC. “I was very impressed by Jim Janowitz, Bill Charron and Michael Niborski and thought Courtney was well represented.” Wilson faced off with Pryor Cashman in his representation of London and Company, a firm Courtney did not pay after they brokered a deal with Larry Mestel, Primary Wave, to sell part of Kurt Cobain’s publishing rights. Courtney had reaped millions from the deal.

Judges in Los Angeles and New York, where Courtney yet has lawsuits against her, will soon decide whether to grant Pryor’s request to be released as counsel.



    • I don’t know about hideous, but she has issues. More coming soon probably at The Fix. Sorry my website is a little dysfunctional right now. Thanks for reading. You’re welcome for the story.

  • Interesting story, Carmela. I figured attorneys always found a way to get paid first! Not a good idea to be rip off your lawyers especially when you could be needing a good one!

  • Does this imply that her counsel – Pryor Cashman – were court-appointed? I’m amazed, if so. She paints an entirely different picture on the social networks, claiming to always be “hiring and firing lawyers”. She also
    ‘disses’ all of the lawyers she ever has. I have wondered about this. Thankfully, her errant ways are starting to visibly take a toll, as they should. She’s gotten away with far, far more already. Some, myself included, say she’s gotten away with murder. But it’s all to be continued……. ;-D Keep up your great work Carmela!! @Cellebr8

    • Court appointed? No. She chose as she chose. I interviewed both Niborski and Janowitz. Champs in my book.

      • Wow! You’re sure on top of this

        Wow! I wouldn’t have guessed that either of them would talk with anyone re CL. Good! She always attempts to tightly control the news about herself: planting favorable stories, and threatening those who would write true but unfavorable information. The worm is turning!

      • I also read through their many legal briefs. Enchanted. They didn’t always win but … evidence is evidence.

  • I’m thankful The Hollywood Reporter picked up the story.

    As to talking to anyone .. I’m not sure I understand. You have to go before a judge, file papers, and so on to be released as counsel. It’s formal.

  • When someone is “attorney of record” in a pending court case, the only way he or she can get off the case is for the client to sign a “substitution of attorney” or the attorney can file a “motion to be relieved as counsel”. Generally, an attorney files a motion to be relieved due to the client’s failure to communicate with counsel or failure to pay legal fees which is the reason Pryor Cashman gave for wanting to drop CL.

  • I believe the authority above. She’s right too. LOL. One would think you could just quit. Nope. But there is little doubt Pryor Cashman will be released and will turn around and sue Courtney for legal fees due. Yes?

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