Sam Lutfi claims Britney Spears was Adderall addict

“You shouldn’t believe something just because a lawyer wrote it down,” says Kevin Federline’s family lawyer as a tip to the paparazzi.

That said, Sam Lutfi offers his most recent allegations against Britney Spears and her family in pursuit of records he believes will support his case against Jamie, Lynne and Britney Spears.

Lutfi claims, in recent court documents, Britney told him Lynne Spears, Britney’s mom, introduced her daughter to Adderall as a means of weight control when Britney was a teenager and later when Britney revealed a post-pregnancy weight gain at the 2007 VMAs. He says Lynne saw the performance and got Britney hooked to help her lose weight.

Adderall is highly addictive and causes insomnia, agitation and manic behavior, says Lutfi.

Lutfi says he tried to persuade Britney to stop taking Adderall, and he ”tried to find out where she was getting her drugs because he wanted to cut off her supply,” say documents filed April 1.

Lutfi describes and attributes Britney’s abusive use of Adderall (that “no doubt” caused her manic episodes and insomnia) to losing visitation with her children in 2008 and being subjected to two involuntary 5150 holds in 2007

Now Lutfi wants drug tests and child monitor reports from three years ago. He believes they will absolve him of allegations by Lynne in her book, “Through the Storm,” that he was trying to put Britney into a “drug induced coma.” Lynne first made the claims in a 2008 declaration that resulted in a restraining order against Lutfi.

Lufti and his lawyer now argue the tests and reports provide evidence that Lutfi wasn’t trying to put Britney into a “drug induced coma,” or cut her telephone lines and disable her cell phones as Lynne accused.

Lutfi’s lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, filed a motion to compel production of the tests and reports in an ongoing lawsuit against the Spears for libel, defamation, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract. The next scheduled hearing is June 15.

See the full court documents Statement in support of motion to compel and Motion to compel production


  • Is anyone else documenting this claim?

  • SeasonableBlues

    Why isn’t anyone else documenting this? If Lutfi was drugging her, why would he demand the drug tests? Simple answer to that, he wasn’t drugging her. I get that. James P Spears Is facing very serious questions here. Whats your opinion Miss K?

  • SeasonableBlues

    Today’s Hollywood Reporter Story adds even further interest to this case. So has any of the allegations against Lufti ever been proven? Could it possibly just be that he really was slandered? I am beginning to believe that, but my wife isn’t convinced yet

    • I saw the article this morning. Here’s the link for visitors who may not have seen the story

      I don’t know the answer to your question. If Hollywood Reporter is going to cover the story then cover it. I’m surprised the tabloids omitted the claims re Adderall (being tabloids and all), and I was careful myself in presentation. I’ve been at this long enough to know lawyers want to win and I believe what Mark Vincent Kaplan offered as a tip in the youtube video.

      I read today’s news about wanting an outside psych evaluation and wanting to depose Britney and I thought about Johnny Wright v. Britney Spears. Do you remember that one? Wright claimed he wasn’t getting his “sunset fees” or royalties in’s been awhile. I apologize. Wright wanted to depose Britney but the conservatorship got an emergency ex parte protective order in Los Angeles though the case was being tried in Orange County, Florida.

  • Evelyn Mulwray

    First Lutfi claims Britney is bi-polar, but now he’s switched his story to say her problems were caused by an addiction to Adderall?

    This guy is as slippery as K-Y.

    How did he and Lynne Spears REALLY meet? I’ve read her book, and neither one of them seem to be telling the straight truth on this.

    • He called Barbara Walters in early 2008. Why?

      And to Seasonal’s question, “So has any of the allegations against Lufti ever been proven?”

      Fans ask near daily on fan sites why Sam isn’t in jail yet. I’ve often wondered the same thing, but maybe Sam has something on the family or some embarrassing possession.

      It’s confusing. During Britney’s first 5150 Courtney Love said to at least one media outlet that she thought Britney had taken too much Adderrall. Last year it became apparent through Twitter that Sam and Courtney talked or at least they talked online in public through Twitter.

      It’s hearsay coming through Courtney. It’s I don’t know what coming through Sam. Does anyone understand that Sam wants the drug tests through Jamie Spears, Britney’s dad? The media seems concentrated on the case between Lynne and Sam. Radaronline expanded the coverage to include the family as I did on Twitter.

      • Evelyn Mulwray

        If Adderall was the real culprit, why hide that information from the world at the time of the 5150’s? Or is THAT the embarrassing information that her family is trying to prevent from getting out?

        I just don’t get what is going on here.

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