Is TMZ a safety issue for Britney’s ex-boyfriend?

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According to an attorney for Adnan Ghalib, ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears and now an ex-paparazzo, there is a safety issue when it comes to TMZ being in the courtroom.

Peter Korn, Ghalib’s defense attorney did not wish to discuss the matter in a public courtroom in May saying that the media would exaggerate the issues. Korn also objected to an unnamed male attorney being present but it was unclear from the court transcript whether he meant present in chambers with the judge to rule on media presence or the hearing itself.

Korn’s objections were recorded by a court reporter during pretrial proceedings to see if there was enough evidence to proceed to a trial on felony assault charges stemming from an altercation between Ghalib and a process server, Ram Moskowitz. While seeming to merit enough attention to warrant celebrity news cameramen onsite, The Associated Press ignored the event and subsequent hearings to date if a search of LexisNexis and Proquest news databases is to be believed.

Lou Ferrara, who manages sports, entertainment and multimedia for the AP, offered no explanation in recent email communication that addressed amongst other issues, the lack of coverage on this case and on an ongoing civil suit between Sam Lutfi, Spears’ ex-manager and companion, against Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears.

Meanwhile, both Radaronline and TMZ had live feed of the May hearing but all footage of the hearing vanished without explanation from Radaronline the same day that it appeared. Senior editor Mary Margaret who has sometimes appeared as a guest on CNN, said she didn’t know anything about it and was under deadline; then she did not return follow-up phone calls.

TMZ has declined to make comment about Korn’s claim as to Ghalib’s safety and also videotapes that appeared on TMZ’s website showing their cameraman harassing Ghalib as he walked with his attorney outside the courthouse. The taunts were in somewhat mild form such as, “Adnan, you look good in that suit, did Britney buy it for you?” to more tawdry comments about Lindsay Lohan, her mental state and whether Ghalib has any tips for bedding her.

Since May there has been no live stream or recorded videotape of Ghalib in the courtroom offered anywhere in public view.

Ghalib has plead not guilty and is due back in court on Sep. 29 confirms a media relations spokesperson of the Los Angeles Superior Court system.

Today begins a series on what led up to Ghalib being in court in the first place: that is to say, the things celebrity media or otherwise have declined to reveal.


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