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Frances Bean Cobain’s intruder may be sex offender

The intruder who entered Frances Bean Cobain’s residence in October 2012 may be put on California’s sex offender list if convicted of first degree burglary and sex crime charges. [Read more...]

Courtney Love’s lawyers dump her as client

Singer Courtney Love doesn’t pay her legal fees and is impossible to work with. “Ms. Love has rendered it impossible for Pryor Cashman to carry out its employment effectively,” says lead counsel Jim Janowitz of New York. [Read more...]

New February court date set, Sam Lutfi v. Britney Spears

The new judge in a lawsuit involving Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears and her parents, set a Feb. 28 status conference date last week.

Lutfi filed suit four years ago on Feb. 3, 2009 after attorneys representing Spears, who is under a conservatorship, obtained a 3-year restraining order against him. Lutfi immediately sued members of the Spears’ family  claiming breach of contract, defamation, battery, and infliction of emotional distress.  Lutfi claims he was Spears’ manager in 2007 based on a verbal contract, say court records.
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Court assigns new judge, delays Lutfi v. Spears trial

This week’s scheduled jury trial involving Britney Spears and her alleged former manager, Sam Lutfi, was postponed after a change of judge.

Britney Spears and recent fiance Jason Trawick in central Kiev, Ukraine, Sept. 25, 2011. (AP Photo)

The parties have ten days from Jan. 24 to contest the new judge or move to trial since early settlement conferences failed.

Lutfi sued Spears in early 2009 for breach of contract.  He claims wrong termination and seeks his share of Spears’ entertainment earnings.  He sued her parents at the same time with allegations of defamation, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress within days of a judge ordering a permanent 3-year restraining order against him in February 2009.

If the parties agree to the new judge, Michael C. Solner, he will rule on the admissibility recently filed court documents by Lutfi.  They include sealed records from Spears’ 2007, 2008 child custody case involving confidential court-ordered drug tests and child visitation reports.  Lutfi lived with Spears in 2007 and acted as a conduit of communication between her lawyers during Spears’ battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline for custody of their two children.  Lutfi obtained the sealed documents.

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Sam Lutfi demands Jamie Spears’ cash value

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I apologized to Lynne Spears in a dream two nights ago in front of Lou Taylor (I think) in a boardroom.  You may remember Lou as a business agent for the family?

‘I started rough,’ I say to Lynne, thinking back to “Five say Lynne Spears lied in her book.”

In the dream, Sam Lutfi wrenches my wrist (ouch) from outside the room and forces me out through the front door.  Noone sees him do this but Lou’s a mind reader, but she’s all business.  She serves Lynne.

The subconscious is what it is, but the dream makes sense as I had read new court docs in the ongoing Lutfi v. Spears case before going to bed. The docs disturbed me.
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Britney’s team wants to talk to Sam Lutfi, Breatheheavy.com (Part 4)

(Pardon site reconstruction — ugh.)

I chuckled reading Radaronline’s claim of a lengthy engagement for Jason Trawick and Britney Spears based Britney’s status and lawsuits.

Photo courtesy: KilltheLights.org

Britney and Jason celebrate their engagement in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy: KilltheLights.org

Sam Lutfi v. Jamie, Lynne and Britney Spears? Expect a jury trial beginning Jan. 23, 2012 and ending within 10 days, based on today’s court records.
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Britney’s team wants to talk to Sam Lutfi, Breatheheavy.com (Part 3)

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I wouldn’t want to sit in a hot seat before Joel Boxer (a Spears’ attorney). I’ve talked to him once on the phone, read his arguments in court documents, and read transcripts from his exam and cross-exams of witnesses in the 2009 restraining order proceedings against Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib, and Jon Eardley.
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Britney’s team wants to talk to Sam Lutfi, Breatheheavy.com (Part 2)

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Be back later with part one’s naughty and nice list.


Sam Lutfi and his attorney, Joseph Schleimer, tried to pull Lynne Spears off the Femme Fatale tour in November claiming Lynne was a liar and was stalling on being deposed by a Dec. 25 cut-off date, say court documents filed Nov. 14.
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